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Reliable customer relationship services

Built on Microsoft PowerApps, Prospur offers Microsoft’s enterprise-grade capabilities for security, storage and scalability to give you a safe and organized way to manage supplier and customer information. The highly available solution can also seamlessly track lead conception through customer acquisition and retention and is easily accessible to authorized users from almost any device.

Best Sales CRM Solution

Prospur is an online CRM solution which helps you to manage sales leads, orders & invoices, all under a single platform to manage and run your business process smoothly.

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Targeted marketing

Lead generation marketing tools help you target campaigns towards the people that have the most interest in your products and services. Retention marketing tools monitor customer payment patterns and send notifications to existing customers of campaigns most likely to interest them.

Rich social media tools

Prospur seamlessly connects all the social media apps you use every day, like Facebook and Twitter and automates your work on them so you can get more done. Detailed social media analytics let you run impactful social media campaigns, improve your online presence and enhance your company’s brand.

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Progressive integration

Prospur easily integrates with all types of productivity services such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to help support each step of your business journey. In addition, Propur integrates with payment services like PayPal, Stripe and Square to simplify payment.