Frequently Asked Questions

A: is a simple easy to use software developed for small businesses. With Prospur you can get an end-to-end customer management experience that will help you manage the job, stay organized, get paid faster and grow your business, all from a single screen, anytime, anyplace.

A: Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any point of time. You just have to go to your profile & select the required plan. You can even purchase additional services (Add on’s) through this process.

A: The beauty of Prospur is you can begin using it within minutes. Prospur is a cloud-based solution, therefore it doesn’t need to be downloaded. Once you purchase a plan on Prospur, your account will be created & you can start using the software right away. You will receive the login details on the email you used to Sign up.

A: Prospur works on all the browsers.

A: Ideally within minutes, post purchasing a plan, you will receive an email from Prospur with your login details & you can get started right away. During onboarding process, we will help you setup the features which are important to your business. The goal is to help you become an active user of the software and make the experience self-serve so you can manage your customer relations effectively and continue to grow

A: We are here to help you at every stage. Apart from email, phone, online chat service, you will have full access to our Online support center, which includes how-to videos, walk-through guides and tutorials.
Support contact info is below:
Phone: (425) 818-7728

A: Prospur works on all the browsersA: While the software allows you to do everything on your own. If you still need any additional help you will have full access to our Online support center, which includes how-to videos, walk-through guides and tutorials. Support contact info is below:
Phone: (425) 818-7728

A: If you choose to cancel Prospur any time after your initial contract term, your Prospur account will be disabled, including any features associated such as your website. If you change your mind within 30 business days, we can reactivate your existing account and you will not lose any of your content or data. All the information associated with your account will be deleted once the account is closed. You can sign up for a new account. Please make sure to read Prospur Terms and Conditions to learn more.

A: You will be billed and invoiced on a monthly basis on the payment method you’ve used while setting up the account. You can modify the payment method anytime by going to your account settings.

A: Prospur accepts payments through 3 different gateways –PayPal, Credit Card and Square.

A: You may cancel your account at any point of time, but we do not offer refunds. You are encouraged to use the platform at least till the end of billing cycle.

A: Yes, Prospur offers Reseller & Distributor program. You may submit an application to become a Solution Partner at When submitting your application, please share details about your business and a summary of a plan to be a Reseller or a Distributor.

A: Yes, we offer uploading or importing your existing contacts from Gmail and Office365 accounts.

A: Currently, the ability to associate contacts with multiple companies is not available in Prospur. A contact can only belong to one company at a time.

A: Currently, Prospur supports Office365 & Gmail accounts only. Please watch this space for additional email support capability in coming days.

A: You can create one from under , by clicking on the SIGN-UP button. The website will collect your contact information before creating a new Prospur account for you. Post sign up, you will receive an activation email with a link. Click on the link to activate your Prospur account.

A: To delete a contact(Client/Account), follow the below steps -
  • Select the contact from contact list screen
  • Choose the delete option
  • In the dialog box that appears, click Delete to confirm.

A: No. you will have to manage that process manually.

A: Prospur platform can help increase sales because it simplifies and unifies the interactions between a company and its customers. By serving as a well-organized, complete. One-stop customer relationship management system that is equipped with data and analytics, reports, and more — this platform can help companies make objective decisions that best serve their current customers and allow them to reach new customers more effectively.

A: No. Prospur is a subscription-based software product. To view our product pricing page, please visit ore Pricing Plan page . You can also discuss your budget and business needs with one of our representatives, who would be happy to help you find the services and packages that fit your current needs — and can grow with you as your company expands.

A: As soon as you make the payment, you will receive an email with Invoice on your registered email address.

A: Account cancellations must be initiated through an email or phone.
Support contact info is below:
Phone: (425) 818-7728

A: No. We do not offer a provision to change the billing dates.

A: Prospur does not bill based on usage. As a subscription-based product, it works much like any membership-based services where you get charged whether you use it, or you don’t use it. Prospur provides you the ability to log in to an amazing system to help you build your business. We recommend and encourage you to use the system regularly to make the most of it for your business growth.

A: There is a one-time 2-way sync of contacts only if you choose to sync your contacts in Step 2 of setup. After the initial sync, it is a 1-way continuous sync from Prospur to QuickBooks Online. The continuous sync is for contacts, invoices, and payments.
  • If a contact is added in Prospur > that contact will be created in QuickBooks Online
  • If an invoice is created in Prospur > that invoice will be created in QuickBooks Online
  • If a payment is recorded in Prospur > that payment will be recorded in QuickBooks Online

A: Yes. Contacts must have an email to sync between Prospur and QuickBooks Online. If no email is present, that contact will not be created in the QuickBooks.
  • If a contact in Prospur does not have an email > contact will not be created in QuickBooks Online
  • If a contact in QuickBooks Online does not have an email > contact will not be created in Prospur.

A: Yes! The estimate will be created in QuickBooks Online as well.

A: No. The estimate will only be created in QuickBooks Online after the estimate has been sent to the client.

A: No. The ongoing sync with the software is 1-way, from Prospur to QuickBooks Online.

A: No. The notes made in the notes section of an estimate or invoice do not carry over to the QuickBooks Online estimate.

A: No. The ongoing sync with the software is 1-way, from Prospur to QuickBooks Online only.

A: All contact updates should be entered into Prospur so that Prospur can push that information to QuickBooks Online.

A: Yes. It will show the recorded payment and show the balance remaining in QuickBooks Online.

A: No. Previous invoices, estimates, or payments will not be copied over from QuickBooks Online and vice versa, only invoices created in Prospur after the initial sync with the QuickBooks Online app will be created in QuickBooks Online.

A: It is not separated. Only the totals for the invoices are copied over to QuickBooks Online. To see the taxes for the invoice, they can export the invoices from Prospur. The taxes are separated out in their own column.